Tianli enter into the world's top 500 enterprises supply chain

8th-10th,AUG,2018.The VIP client - saint gobain, visited Tianli company for business, one of the world's top 500 companies in France.The main 

topics are Inspecting the equipment,visiting the production line and equipment operation site,discussing follow-up cooperation matters.This marks "Tianli" brand has been recognized by customer and entered into their supply chain.Thats new breakthrough after gaining recognition from famous enterprises such as "metso" and "SBM","Zenith" in mining industry.

The story comes from iron remover(magnet)project, The client found us from our website,tell us what they wanted. Then,we gave our best service to the client,and finally they agreed our product and placeed the order.After the first trial, the customer soon repurchased rod mill. This all stems from tianli's management philosophy - in order to build a brand, tianli always puts product quality, technical strength and service level in an important position.The boss always believed that only trustworthy products could make tianli known to more people.Therefore, after more than 10 years of cultivation, tianli brand has gradually Known by global market, and tianli's professionalism in the field of magnetic separation has also brought tianli more customer groups.

Tianli ,started by magnetic separation technology, after more than 10 years of experience accumulation, we brought lots of new products to the market,and now we find the new "blue ocean"-eddy current separator.During the visiting,The client are very interested in our eddy current 

separator.Because the customer has a glass processing line, which needs the equipment to sorting the metals from the glass and recycling the 

glass.Therefore, the customer carefully watched the glass slag separation experiment of the ESC machine prototype in our factory. The customer was very satisfied with the effect and indicated that he would implement the relevant purchase items as soon as possible.

After factory visiting, the client also visited the site of our feldspar processing line nearby.The plant our EPC service presentation, has been stable operation for many years.on the site, we explained the designing flow sheet,how the equipment works,compared the performance of different equipment,etc., so that the customer has more confidence in the equipment of tianli.After three days of in-depth communication, the customer's evaluation of tianli company is professional, and the customer also indicated that there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future.

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