Tianli brand ESC machine achieved high separation rate in recycling industry

Three eddy current separators successfully off line and delivery to clients working site.which is used in waste lithium batteries recycling and particleboard production line separately in Hunan and Hebei province.

The client’s waste batteries recycling line,including air separation, magnetic separation and eddy current separation, heavy medium separation technology to recycling different materials. Like,plastic film, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, molded case, copper foil, aluminum foil, graphite sundry, plastic debris and blister packaging and other 10 kinds of materials, material separation purity can reach 94% - 99%.The Tianli brand ESC machine can bring the high recovery ( above 95% ) in the aluminium and copper materials for our client.Setting a new benchmark for the recovery of copper and aluminum in the waste battery recycling industry.

For the particleboard production line, its flow sheet including shavings preparation-flaking-drying -sorting gluing, mat formation- pre-compaction - transverse-inserting panel-Discharge plate - cooling - saw edge -sanding, inspection process. Our ESC machine is mainly used in the sorting stage after drying.its good performance above 95 percent sorting ration can improve the quality of the raw materials, to meet the quality requirements of the particleboard required by the market, and create greater profits for customers.

Tianli has devoted in the sorting technology for more than 10 years, covering magnetic separation and eddy current separation. The new generation magnetic separator and eddy current separator are widely used in Recycling Ind, and the recovery of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals are both in the leading position at home and abroad. 

The special magnetic circuit design and structural packaging of independent intellectual property rights make the our eddy current separation is competitive compared to similar products in European and American markets.Not only in the magnetic field strength, number of magnetic poles, pole rotor speed, the key techniques such as the world leading level, and in punching, assembly, polishing, paint and other craft also strives for perfection, continuously exceed the standard.Our market share, industry reputation and product quality reputation are constantly improving since our inception.

In addition to the above areas, Tianli’s sorting technology also been used in plastic PET flakes recycling, medical glass flakes recycling, scrap recycling, construction waste recycling, MSW recycling etc.

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